This collectible artwork is printed onto industrial vinyl using UV-resistant inks and high quality heavy-duty laminate to resist dings from road debris, should you elect to mount it to the front of your vehicle*. Each print is mounted to aluminum license plate blanks painted with a tough epoxy paint.

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Price: US $20.00 (each plate)

Shipping: US $6.00 (from 1 to 5 plates)

Shipping: FREE for orders of 10 plates

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Please contact me directly if you'd like to order in greater quantities. There will be slight price breaks as you get into larger orders, but I am a one man shop right now and do some of the assembly myself so let's see how this goes :)


Note that I can’t ship until I’ve received payment, and at present I‘m not shipping outside the United States. I’ll be shipping them via USPS Priority Mail.

(Very) Limited Guarantee

These plates aren’t indestructible and would last a lot longer if you'd just put them on a shelf in your office, so I can’t provide any ironclad guarantees on their duration should you elect to mount one to the front of your vehicle or use it in some way that exposes it to harm. Having said that, my original tag lasted nearly 9 years before being knocked off by another driver. It was of course pockmarked with impacts from rocks and road debris, but the color fidelity was still pretty decent. Since these are handmade you may find small scrapes and marks associated with binding the artwork to the metal plate, but if you discover a serious manufacturing defect in the first 30 days of your purchase please let me know and we can do an exchange.

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Hi there!

I’m Drewprops. I’ve been a member of Georgia’s motion picture industry since 1991. Back in 2003 I designed a nifty front license plate for my car because I loved working in the business. Folks on the crew started asking if I would make them one and soon I found myself going around Atlanta from set to set to fill the demand (there weren’t all that many of us back then). The problem was, Georgia’s film crews were desperately trying to survive a drought created by Louisiana’s tax incentives; the work we depended on had been diverted and the future looked bleak. These license plates became one facet of the movement to get Georgia's legislature to pass tax incentives to bolster our state's motion picture industry, which they eventually did. Soon movie work began returning to Georgia in droves.

Unfortunately, by the time the work came back I had already accepted an offer from the corporate world and no longer had the time to continue fulfilling demand for my “novelty” plates, plus it had become much harder for me to stroll onto any set in town because the workforce tripled in size overnight and very few of the new crew knew me and had never heard of my license plates.

In 2013, to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the founding of Georgia's Film Commission and the 10th anniversary of my license plate design I resumed production of the Film Georgia tags.

These are NOT real license plates and you may NOT put them on the back of your car unless you have a strong desire to meet one or more members of Georgia's fine law enforcement community. These are novelty plates, which may be mounted to the front of certain vehicle types in Georgia (notably passenger vehicles).

How Much Are They?

If you buy between 1 and 5 plates they're $20 each, and shipping is set at $6 (for the regions covered by USPS Priority Mail). Shipping is free for an order of 10 plates. If you’d like to purchase a larger quantity than that please contact me and we can sort it out. If you order a larger quantity via PayPal before checking with me I may need to charge you a bit more for shipping, this may never become an issue but I wanted to make sure to cover it here.

Crew Only: Buying On Set

In a few circumstances I’ll be able to drop by your location or your production office. I’d like to have clearance from your UPM/Producer or an invitation by your department key. Sorry extras, you unfortunately do not qualify as a department in this instance (no offense, that’s just the way it is) so I’ll need to ship yours to you.

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I'd like to thank @FilmGeorgia ( and all of those who've expressed interest in these plates over the years and apologize to anyone who had difficulty tracking me down to get one. Let's try to make them a little less rare now :)